Text Message Marketing

“Text Us Now!”

Text Message (SMS) campaigns have many advantages over other marketing delivery systems. Most text messages are read within minutes. They are delivered right to the hands that hold the mobile phone, one of the widely used media platforms today.

Mobile content campaigns can be created individually or with our batch upload process. Campaigns can be standard or premium rate. We can deliver via (SMS): Text, Text with Links or Pictures, Websites or Video with and each with session IDs to detect multiple download attempts.

Text messages (SMS) are a brief, effective, cost effective means of communication. Most people have their cell phones by their side from morning to night. Unlike traditional email which typically is still received primarily via a computer or laptop, which has nothing like the immediacy and hand-ready access of a cell phone delivered text (SMS) messages.

Main Street Media 360 is ready right now, to help you launch your SMS marketing campaign! Remember text messages are nearly always read within minutes – even those from businesses. Picture your ad, your clickable message (SMS) delivered right into their pocket. Surveys have shown most people keep their mobile devices within reach 24/7 and most people instantaneously respond to the chirp of a text message. Just one of the major assets of text message marketing. Your clients will hear the chirp and will without fail, be reading your (SMS) message and nearly 30% will respond affirmatively. This response rate is impressive when compared to newspaper, direct mail or even the vaunted 30 second spot on television.