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Ten Benefits of Revamping Your Website

Ten Benefits of Revamping Your Website

Years ago when you first started your business, you knew you needed a website to compete. Money might not have been plentiful in those start up days, but you knew then that it was an important investment. Hopefully, your investment paid off and business is booming.

You’re still selling your company with that original site, and maybe it’s starting to look a little tired or dated. If that sounds like your current situation, perhaps it’s time to start looking for a top web design agency in Denver, Colorado, for a website redesign.

Appeal to Visitors

No matter what business you’re in – retail, healthcare, residential or commercial construction, professional services, real estate, or manufacturing, a great looking website goes a long way with visitors, and is more likely to convert those visitors to customers. A well-designed and well-planned website educates visitors on your business, shows them you take your brand seriously, and convinces them there is no need to look for your particular goods or services anywhere else.

Having a wow factor when a visitor first lands on your site either with clean design or bold updates, is a great reinvestment in your digital space and is all the reason for you to seek out web design services in Denver.

Responsive and User Friendly

Many websites that were built even 5-10 years ago weren’t built to be responsive or user friendly. Responsive, or mobile friendly, refers to specific coding within the framework of the website that directs it to transition from the desktop version of your site, to a version of your site that perfectly fits a smaller screen, like your phone, when viewed on mobile. Phones have become the preferred way of finding information online. If a visitor lands on your site, on their phone, and has difficulty navigating through it or reading the content, they’re gone.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your web design is responsive. Responsive design is also an important element in search engine optimization (SEO) – how search engines decide that your site is an authority on a specific subject and should be returned as a search result.

Better Photography

As technology improves, assets that can be used on a redesigned website improve. If you’ve been in business for a few years now, and have had access to the better quality cameras on smartphones these days, it’s likely you have plenty of new photographs that can be used on a new site. The quality of these photographs far outweigh older, lower resolution pics that might have been available when you were getting your business off of the ground.

Having great photography makes a grand impression with site visitors, and goes a long way to make the site look polished and professional. By hiring an agency specializing in web design in Denver, you will ensure that your site has top-notch photos and optimized content. 

Revamped Content

In a perfect world, you’ve been updating the content on your site on a regular basis. Most business owners have way too much on their plate to worry about content. Having tired, stale content puts you at a disadvantage with visitors and search engines. Therefore, a web redesign is the perfect opportunity to freshen up the content you have, make any changes that need to be made to make the information current, and add more since you probably now have more to say. 

Search engines prioritize sites that they can tell are updated on a regular basis. That’s the beauty of having a blog. Although it can be a chore, adding blog content on a regular basis is an easy way to keep your content fresh and informative. 

SEO Impact

Older websites don’t perform as well as sites built today. Investing in an update to your web design allows for a professional to write clean code for your site, improve the speed at which is loads and changes, and discard any aspects of your original site that might have been slowing down the user experience.

Search engines like sites that are responsive, have clean code, and that work fluidly. Incorporating these in a web redesign can have a huge impact on your search engine optimization.

Wow Factor

You read about delivering a wow factor on your website. It’s such an important concept that it pays to go over it in a little more detail here. Because the internet plays such a huge role in day-to-day life, your customers and potential customers have the world at their fingertips.

The world contains hundreds if not thousands of other businesses just like yours. It’s hard to stay competitive unless you’re constantly convincing your customers and new visitors that you’re the best game in town. One of the first and easiest ways you can do that is by ensuring that your web redesign delivers a wow factor and shows you care about how your brand is conveyed. 

Opportunity to Show Growth

Undertaking a web redesign allows you the opportunity to showcase the growth of your company. Perhaps when you first started your business, and built that first site, you didn’t have much to say or show people.

Years later, depending on the kind of business you’re in, you have many, many projects completed and under your belt, your inventory of products has grown, or your regional reach for services has grown. Maybe your team has grown too. Now is the perfect time to showcase all of that in the content of your new site. 

Improve Usability

Microsoft estimates that people have an eight second attention span. That means you have a very short period of time to hook your visitors and keep them on your site. The ultimate goal is to convert those visitors to customers. It definitely takes more than eight seconds to make that happen. One way to keep visitors on your site longer is to improve the usability.

This means that your web designer will think long and hard about how people will use your site, and what functionality makes the most sense. You want to ensure the site experience is seamless and keeps them clicking to the next page. 

Improve Site Speed

Because people have that eight second attention span, you want to ensure that your site loads quickly and that visitors can move around it seamlessly. The last thing you want is to have clunky pages that are slow to load. During a redesign, a web designer and developer can optimize the photos on your site, compress files, and implement other technical tricks to make the site agile and fast.  

For web design in Denver, Colorado, look no further than Main Street Media 360. Call or email today to get the conversation started.

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