Google Display Network

“Connect to your audience.”

Our Web Marketing Expertise extends across every portion of the wide web and while most people are familiar with ADVERTISING on Google Search, many are not aware that in addition to advertising by SEARCH with Google you can also take advantage of DISPLAY Advertising. Google AdWords is split into two different delivery options.

Your ad can be delivered by SEARCH or by selecting a display option. Everyone is familiar with Search advertising but display works differently. On the Display Network, your ad is sent across the web to appear across huge network of sites across the internet. Within the Display Network, you can select general types of websites or quite specific websites for your ads to appear. Or you might choose which audiences to show your ads to. We might recommend specific webpages, or online videos, or even online games.

If you run a hardware store, you can catch the handyman’s attention when he’s reading about some new tool or Do it Yourself project. This way you get his attention before he loads up the truck to buy supplies! The Google Display Network was built to connect to the right audience no matter where they travel on the World Wide Web.

Here are some common goals that you can achieve by advertising on the Display Network:

• Sell more products or services
• Build customer loyalty
• Engage with customers
• Increase brand awareness brand awareness