Frequently Asked Questions

Any company that wants to attract visitors to their website must use search engine optimization. Search engines are responsible for nearly 93% of all web traffic. You should invest in SEO efforts regardless of the type of website you run, whether you commit time or money. If you have a dedicated staff of SEO strategists, content writers, designers, developers, and data analysts, you’ll always have a leg up on the competition.

It can range from 3 to 6 months, something even more. There isn’t a simple answer. Every business, keyword, and website is unique. Google will crawl a new or updated website within 48 hours if your technical SEO is done correctly, but it can take a long time for Google to identify the page’s user behavior and begin moving it up or down the ranks.

Anything that has an impact on the user experience has an impact on SEO. User behavior metrics are more likely to be better on sites with appealing designs. A page’s structure includes navigation links, monetization widgets, pop-ups, photos, and videos. If you’re revamping a website, make sure it’s mobile friendly and loads quickly.

Since 1991, HTTP has been the standard internet protocol for URLs. The extra “S” stands for “secure,” indicating that the connection between the browser and the server is secure. Sites that do not employ HTTPS have been severely penalized by Google since 2018.

Google makes “tweaks” every day, according to SEO guidelines, albeit the changes aren’t especially obvious. There are “core algorithm updates,” which are noticeable and usually accompanied by a Google announcement. In 2018, there were three, and in 2019, there will be three. Typically, Google does not provide much information regarding these upgrades.

Short-term and long-term revenue can be generated through social media. Paid advertisements can help you reach huge audiences and target customers, familiarizing them with your brand, products, or services and preparing them for a purchase. You may use social media marketing to directly present your products and services to your target audience and attract them to visit your website.

Businesses that want to grow their social media presence and sell their products and services typically use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to do it. Business owners and executives, on the other hand, are on social media, and we know how to reach them to generate leads. For example, LinkedIn is one method via which many business owners learn about new opportunities.

Besides improving search engine optimization (SEO), increasing brand awareness, and gaining more real estate on Google’s first page, Google My Business allows your business to provide useful information to potential customers such as your name and contact information, map location and directions, and valuable customer reviews. You may also utilize GMB to send out updates via email.

It’s not necessarily about how much money you spend on social media marketing. It’s more than just putting advertising in front of your clients when it comes to social media marketing. Rather, it’s about establishing and preparing your audience such that as your target audience becomes more familiar with your brand, sales increase. Our social media professionals can help you with everything you need to know about social media.

It depends entirely on the type of advertising campaign we’re executing. For example, if interests and geography are important to your firm, we can go into greater detail in the reports we offer you. We calculate ROI for everything from product-focused advertisements to lead generation and brand awareness campaigns by looking at the value of each conversion, the number of conversions created, and the entire campaign budget.

Make sure you respond and react! It’s critical to respond as promptly as possible when customers leave online reviews of your products and services, depending on what was mentioned. Maintain a cheerful tone and demonstrate customer empathy. Thank the person for taking the time to consider your company in the first place. Depending on what was said, you may want to apologize for a bad experience, make a compromise, or both. Positive feedback will be prioritized by our team in your search results. Our reputation management service will monitor your online reviews and reputation to ensure that your brand shines through bad media, utilizing Google Alerts to set alerts and report any time you or your organization is mentioned online.

If you have reviews that are obviously fraudulent, libelous, or threatening, we’ll report them to the appropriate channels, and they may be removed. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, are almost always impossible to erase from the internet. But we will always make considerable efforts to ensure that the positive things people say about your company outnumber the bad ones.

Given that nearly all consumers conduct online research before purchasing a product or service, having a company website that not only makes a favorable first impression on visitors but also distinguishes your brand from the competition is more vital than ever. Your company’s visibility will skyrocket with the right website design and intelligent use of SEO and pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Since 2020, having a mobile-friendly website will be the norm. Responsive design is a method of creating web pages that incorporates layouts, visuals, and technical elements to make your website perform across a variety of devices. Whether users come to your site via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, our adaptable website designs will instantly adjust the layout to fit their device.

There are numerous technical considerations when it comes to speeding up your website. Visitors (especially mobile users) are more likely to leave your page and hunt for a product or service elsewhere if your website is slow and doesn’t load promptly or within a few seconds.

Clients who work with Main Street Media 360 will benefit from Siteground website hosting. You are, however, free to host elsewhere. And unlike other web design companies, when you develop a site with us, you own it. If you decide not to use our digital marketing services any longer, you can either take your website with you or we can continue to host it for a monthly or annual cost.