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Build Balanced Sites With Web Design Company In Denver, Colorado

Websites can be divided into two broad categories; they are either drop dead gorgeous with the perfect use of design elements but don’t really do much or they provide users with lots of options and functions which are cluttered all over the screen. Our web design firm in Denver makes the third type of website, one that is pleasant to watch and easy to navigate. We understand that your site requires both aesthetics and functionality to build a good first impression with your visitors and keep them browsing through it. We place all the buttons and contents on the right places on your screen to ensure that your customer has a pleasant experience navigating through your site and visits more often.

A Responsive Web Design For All Types Of Devices

A website that gets distorted on different devices is a huge turn off for your visitors. It’s unfortunately not so uncommon because most companies refer to the desktop dimensions for their web design in Denver, CO which is simply not compatible with smartphones and tablets which are getting more common with the years. You can of course design separate websites for desktop and mobile but that’s just double the work and investment. This is why our web design company in Denver is a firm believer in responsive website design. Our responsive site templates are based around fluid grids that rearrange themselves to match the size and ratio of the device being used. We base our grids on proportions rather than pixels and implement videos, audio and other media without impacting the site’s functions. This ensures that your visitors receive quick response and satisfaction without ruining your site’s looks regardless of whether they are using their laptop or their mobile.

Web Design Customized For Success

At Main Street Media 360, we realize that not every website has the same requirements, after all, each brand has a completely different range of products and services to offer its consumers. And what would the point of designing a beautiful trip planning site be if your customers think that you are trying to sell briefcases? This is why our web design firm in Denver considers your brand’s theme, purpose, ideals, etc. and repurposes the template and functions to match them without compromising on user experience and beauty to ensure your success.

All Round Web Design Services

Our web design company in Denver employs a full-fledged team of graphic designers, web developers and SEO experts who use the latest tools to build a gorgeous site with a robust content management system, optimum user experience and optimization for high search engine rankings and traffic.