Denver Email Marketing Agency

Grab Your Customers’ Attention Using Email Marketing In Denver, CO

Not investing in direct mail marketing would be a huge mistake because emails are one of those things that your customers are bound to check on a daily if not hourly basis. While most emails end up in the spam or the trash bin, we at Main Street Media 360 know the best ways to grab your receivers’ attention so that they will click the notification, read what you are trying to convey and visit your website if they like what they read. When combined with our social media services, e-mail marketing in Denver, CO can do wonders for your brand.

Why Use Email Marketing Campaigns?

Often perceived as a waste of time and money, direct message marketing has incredible potential if done right. It generates fifty percent more sales than other marketing tools at only thirty-three percent of the cost according to Hubspot. To get the best return on investment, hire our email marketing agency in Denver.

Denver’s Email Marketing Agency With Best Practices

An average email marketing agency in Denver fails to deliver results because of poor practices like spamming disconnected one-off emails with large gaps in between without analyzing the effects like click rates. Here at Main Street Media 360, we believe that your email must be like an Olympic gymnast who sticks the landing perfectly, that is why we follow only the best practices for email marketing in Denver. We make sure that your emails reach consumers most likely to respond to them by creating an email list of people who had prior contact with your company and your key target groups. We send just the right amount of messages at regular intervals to keep you in touch with your customers without ending up in the spam box. Our emails are crafted to be grammatically correct, pleasant to look at, easy to navigate and relevant to your receivers. We refer to our robust team of researchers to ensure that you are getting the best results from your investment.

Flexible Email Marketing Services

We approach email marketing in Denver with a creative and adaptable mindset. Our services include but are not limited to sending brochures, updates, coupons, blogs, newsletters, etc. We also provide social media marketing services which when combined with our e-mail marketing in Denver, CO will form a hard-hitting combo that will get you brilliant results. Our analytics team doesn’t just keep track of how well your direct mail campaign is going, they also analyze these metrics to understand the purchase amount, category, time, promotional code and type, responses to Adwords’ campaigns, geography, or any other combination. Based on this information, we can help you craft new online campaigns to build your presence and grow your brand.