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Importance of Online Reputation Management for Businesses

According to Forbes magazine, more than 90 percent of people conduct online searches when they’re looking for goods, services, or specific kinds of business. Even more impressive is that more than 80 percent of those people trust reviews and information they find online as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. This is why it’s critical for small businesses in Denver to have an online reputation management plan and a trusted partner that can execute that plan for you.  People go online to find you  The digital age has delivered a new method for finding the …

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Ten Benefits of Revamping Your Website

Years ago when you first started your business, you knew you needed a website to compete. Money might not have been plentiful in those start up days, but you knew then that it was an important investment. Hopefully, your investment paid off and business is booming. You’re still selling your company with that original site, and maybe it’s starting to look a little tired or dated. If that sounds like your current situation, perhaps it’s time to start looking for a top web design agency in Denver, Colorado, for a website redesign. Appeal to Visitors No matter what business you’re …

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5 Eye-Opening Tips on Improving Your Company’s Google Search Presence

Did you know your company’s Google search presence could make or break your business? When people search for a service similar to yours, tons of competing companies populate on the first page. For instance, when someone types in “digital marketing in Denver,” about ten links/articles will appear per Google search page. These can include links to digital marketing agencies in Denver or articles about the best agencies in Denver.  Most people only look through the first two pages of Google before deciding on a service. So how do you make sure your company will get noticed during a Google search? …

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How Digital Marketing Can Drive More Sales to Your Local Business

The introduction of the digital age brought about many changes in technology, how the internet is used and how companies conduct business. The old-fashioned ways of driving sales to your local business are just that, old-fashioned. It’s time to update your business’s digital marketing plan to coincide with the times. If your business has yet to adopt a 360 digital marketing strategy, then there’s no time like the present. Regardless of where your business is in terms of a digital marketing plan, if you are not properly using it you and your business are missing out on potential customers and …

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3 Tips for Good Local SEO

The digital age has not only brought on advances in technology but has also changed the way businesses market. It used to be enough to just push content out on a website or in a client email list, but not anymore. There are many other marketing strategies businesses can take advantage of that were not an option in the past, one of them being the use of local SEO services.   What is SEO?   SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. But, what does that mean? SEO marketing capitalizes on the free search results generated by different search …

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Does your Business’ Website Need A New Design?

It is crucial for businesses to have an appealing online present nowadays. With how much current businesses need to rely on the internet, it is no longer acceptable for a business to have an outdated website design. Most websites need to be updated every few years to stay relevant and engaging. A website redesign costs time and money to properly execute, but is necessary for your business’ continued success. But how do you know if you need a website redesign? What do the numbers say? One of the easiest ways to track how successful your current website is, is through …

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4 Facts about Social Media Marketing

Everything about your business statistics are recorded somewhere. And when it comes to the crux of your business, social media marketing plays an important role in your well-standing with viewers. Social media can be a benefit when used correctly. These facts will encourage you to use social media in ways that you never thought of. Instagram – Everyone is Doing it A study shows there are 8 million active Instagram users in the world. 300 hundred million use the stories features daily and there are more than 25 million business who use Instagram daily. If you’re unsure how to properly …

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Successful Marketing Tools for 2019

With 2018 gone, we can focus on new strategies and marketing tactics to boost your ratings and drive traffic to your business. Perhaps you’ve tried advertising and haven’t received much feedback. Organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads. And when it’s done correctly, you can expect the outcome to be fruitful. So are you ready to give 2019 a fresh start into your marketing approach? These tools can help you reach the top. Social Media Marketing Nowadays, you will find almost all business online in some social form, from large corporations to small mom n’ pop’s. …

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Digitization and its Role in Your Business

Have you ever wanted to just focus on the goals of your business? Of course you have. But perhaps you feel like you’re a one-person army against the digital world. From trying to understand how to digitally organize your business systems internally, to marketing yourself online, digitalization can be a complex matter. But making your business more and more digital frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best – Your business! Here’s how a digital media company can help your business transition smoothly into the digital media world. Out With the Old Nowadays, digital media …

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Aaron Martinez joins Main Street Media 360

Aaron Martinez joins Main Street Media 360 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Denver, Colorado – Main Street Media 360 is expanding! We are pleased to introduce a new team member with experience in digital marketing techniques at our new Cherry Creek location. Aaron Martinez has joined the Main Street Media 360 team! Born and raised in Wylie Texas, he obtained his BA in Media Strategies at Texas Tech University finishing alongside his colleagues. It wasn’t long after that he made his move to Denver to begin his career in digital marketing. Aaron considers himself an outdoors/sports enthusiast with a passion …

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