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5 Eye-Opening Tips on Improving Your Company’s Google Search Presence

Did you know your company’s Google search presence could make or break your business? When people search for a service similar to yours, tons of competing companies populate on the first page. For instance, when someone types in “digital marketing in Denver,” about ten links/articles will appear per Google search page. These can include links to digital marketing agencies in Denver or articles about the best agencies in Denver.  Most people only look through the first two pages of Google before deciding on a service. So how do you make sure your company will get noticed during a Google search? …

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Does your Business’ Website Need A New Design?

It is crucial for businesses to have an appealing online present nowadays. With how much current businesses need to rely on the internet, it is no longer acceptable for a business to have an outdated website design. Most websites need to be updated every few years to stay relevant and engaging. A website redesign costs time and money to properly execute, but is necessary for your business’ continued success. But how do you know if you need a website redesign? What do the numbers say? One of the easiest ways to track how successful your current website is, is through …

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