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August 2017

We are Main Street Media 360. We listen. We Strategize. We Create.

Main Street Media 360 was founded in 2012 by CEO and Founder Rich Degen with the goal to provide full-service digital marketing services by using proven, data-driven and comparative marketing techniques. Main Street Media 360’s key services include website design and development, including search engine optimization, as well as social media, search engine, text message, wi-fi and email marketing. Other specialized services include reputation management, graphic design, digital signage, photography and video production, search retargeting, website hosting and security, geo-fencing and Google display network services, and a variety of print services. Since 2016, Main Street Media 360’s headquarters are located …

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What Is Geo-Fencing?

Have you ever been passing by a store and get an email or text with a special offer? This is possible with geo-fencing by using GPS or RFID to define a geographical boundary. This process is very useful in the digital marketing realm due to the amount of people with smartphones. More and more businesses are utilizing this tool in their apps, email marketing, and text marketing. This is beneficial to business due to the power they have to trigger a spontaneous and immediate sale. Even if a business doesn’t trigger the sale it gives the business enormous amounts of …

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