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July 2016

The Design You Want Doesn’t Matter

There are many beliefs about web design that are true: it is a reflection of your business, it tells people what to respect from you. However, there is one common belief about web design we are going to put to bed – that your website is meant to be precisely what YOU want it to be. This is an odd stance for a company that offers web design services – surely the customer is always right? Surely we are not so arrogant as to tell our clients their business? Well, for the second question we are not that arrogant, however, …

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How to Preserve Rankings on a New Website

After talking it over with your digital marketing specialists you have come to a decision: you need a new website. Perhaps your current website is driving customers away, or maybe you won our contest and are looking to take advantage of your prize. Whatever the reason, migrating to a new website can be a fresh start, or a shot in the foot. To make sure it is the former rather than the latter, we will be talking about some of the techniques we use to preserve a website’s rankings when transitioning from one design to another. 1)     Do Not Wait …

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