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Facebook Advertising: 5 Reasons To Start Using It For Your Business


The Importance Of Having A Local Business Listing On Google

Facebook Advertising: 5 Reasons To Start Using It For Your Business

Facebook has arguably grown to become one of the most widely used and familiar social media platforms available today. Even those who don’t consider themselves to be particularly tech-oriented have joined the Facebook community, oftentimes as a means of reconnecting with old classmates, keeping in touch with long-distance children and grandchildren, or even to stay up-to-date with news and pop culture.

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As of 2016, there are a recorded 1.59 billion monthly active Facebook users logging on (source: Facebook as of 1/27/2016), and other Facebook statistics have indicated a consistent 14 percent user increase each year. With so many active users on Facebook, you can clearly see the need for social media marketing of your business.

social media stats

With this type of steady growth and expansion, Facebook has also swiftly and quietly become one of the most valuable marketing resources for business owners and companies, both large and small. Every new user who joins the Facebook community represents one potential new customer or client, if you understand how to make the most out of Facebook ads and correctly leverage their Advertising options to your advantage.

Below are the top five reasons to try Facebook Advertising for your company or business today!

1. The Ability To Target Prospective Customers So Strategically

One significant advantage Facebook has over more traditional forms of advertising, such as print or television, is that they provide advertisers with highly selective criteria they can choose in order to guarantee that their ad is ONLY seen by those whose activities and interests align with their individual service or product. Advertisers are given the option of only displaying their ad to people whom have specific hobbies, purchasing behaviors, are located in a certain geographical location, or have even experienced distinct life-events in the recent past (new parents, recently relocated, etc). Facebook gathers the information of their users and compiles a very detailed profile of each individual, one which provides companies and businesses utilizing the Facebook Ads program to have more control over who sees and engages with their ad than ever before.

2. The Different Options And Styles Of Ads Available.

Facebook’s advertising platform gives businesses a high degree of creative control over how their ad looks and where it will be displayed on the site and mobile devices. Advertisers have the option of previewing their ad and getting an idea of just exactly what their targeted audience will see before publishing it live. Facebook offers options for advertising on user’s news-feeds, in the sidebar and also has options for carrying their ad over to Instagram (a newer option which Facebook just began offering recently).

3. The Flexibility And Control Of Spending

Also unlike some of the other advertising options available to business owners, Facebook requires no down payment, contractual commitment or minimum purchase of an advertising package. Those using Facebook Ads, even for the first time, can set their daily spending limit to as little as $1 per day. Advertisers may discontinue at any time with no cancellation costs or hidden fees, and can even set a spending limit for their account to automatically stop at, one which must be manually re-set in order for the social media advertising campaign to restart. This is a great tool to control spending for young businesses and those extra watchful of costs.

4. The Analytic Insight Facebook Offers On Ad Performances

Any business owner spending money on advertising, regardless of the amount, wants to rest assured that they are getting a tangible return on their investment. Facebook provides a very detailed analytic report, which is updated real-time day to day, providing insight as to which ad is performing best, how many people responded to the ad’s call to action (visiting an external web-page, etc) and the approximate cost-per-click. These tools allows advertisers to quickly determine if a specific strategy isn’t working and react accordingly to ensure that their campaign remains cost effective and gets them the responses they are looking for.

5. The Potential For Increased Engagement And Development of Consumer Loyalty

Being a social network makes the platform of Facebook far more engaged and personal than other forms of alternate advertising. Users who discover new companies and businesses through Facebook and subsequently have positive experiences oftentimes will share that with their own private network of Facebook friends, thus creating a positive ripple effect for business owners. Additionally, the option of being able to interact with your customers and clients can foster increased loyalty to your brand, creating an authentic personal connection which just can’t be developed through other marketing avenues.

As you can see, now is a better time than ever to expand your business’s reach and begin advertising on Facebook today. To utilize these tools to your company’s best advantage, contact the experts at Main Street Media 360. We are a full-service digital media and marketing agency, dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a powerful and engaging presence online and stay one step ahead of the competition with today’s ever-evolving world of technology. Call us at (772) 263-3558 to learn what Main Street Media 360 can do for you!

The Importance Of Having A Local Business Listing On Google

Think about it-how many times have you looked to Google on your phone or computer when you find yourself in search of a particular product or service? While word of mouth recommendations from our friends and family are always appreciated, we live in a fast paced world of instant gratification, courtesy of our devices, and we want to get the information we need as quickly as possible.

Well, your prospective clients think and feel the same way. This is why it’s more crucial now than ever before to have your own business correctly listed online. Not having your business listed effectively is actually detrimental to the overall health and growth of your company, as it limits the ability of new customers to locate you, and leaves you open to getting  overlooked in favor of competitors in your same field.

One of the most important areas for your business to have exposure is the Google Knowledge Graph. This is the cluster of information on the top right-hand side of the page that loads up whenever you search for a specific term or business name on Google. This Graph is extremely beneficial to businesses, as it provides prospective buyers with a quick snapshot of basic information about your company, including (in most cases) an image (your company logo, etc), map location, the category of your business, your contact information/hours and reviews from existing clients.

For example:

mainstreet media 360 graph

As of February 2016, Google has begun employing some new strategies to allow business administrators to have better control of some of the elements in their own graphs, but there are still many internal techniques which Google uses to glean information about individual companies and businesses from across the web. Google pulls information from a variety of different sources, including external websites, directories, data aggregators and social media pages.

This indicates that in order to give your business the best exposure possible, it’s important to have a synergistic, comprehensive consistent strategy in place to make sure that your local business listing is correctly listed and cataloged online. Google is both a beloved friend and fickle beast to the small business owner, but it is tamable, just so long as you understand what information is required to be seen and listed properly.

When you’re an independent small business owner, it can seem challenging and intimidating to try and take full advantage of the opportunities available online to get your business the exposure it needs. At Main Street Media 360, we’re dedicated to making sure your business outperforms the competition and remains on the cutting edge of digital marketing as it evolves day to day. Contact us toll free at 866-615-4611 to learn more today!

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