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Text Marketing & SMS Marketing in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Hobe Sound, Martin County, Palm Beach County and the Treasure CoastIn 2015 almost 95% of texts are read within the first 3-5 minutes and with text marketing or SMS marketing the open rates are still above 95%. It’s no surprise why text marketing (SMS) is one of the leading marketing sources in today’s market. No business organization no matter how big or small can overlook the simple and clear advantages of text marketing. Text marketing campaigns can be developed via a mobile or a web interface and have global reach. The chances of seeing incredible results in a matter of hours is also possible. Helping to drive more business than ever… text marketing campaigns are so popular given the fact that 84% of smartphone users say they can’t go a day without using their phone. This means that a very large portion of your customers are going to see and read your text message! With our approach and your messaging, you’re sure to reach them and that means more people through your front door and more revenue. By personalizing your text marketing campaign texts to appeal to the targeted demographic, Main Street Media 360 services will truly surpass all your expectations!

Over the years text marketing has become an unavoidable asset of marketing that can increase customer retention and acquisition by an extensive margin. In the world and especially in USA, people definitely have a mobile phone regardless of their social standing or finances. Through the use of text marketing you can send targeted ads to your targeted audience to raise awareness and acquisition along with the ability to send alerts or coupons to increase retention.

We Handle Your Text Marketing For You

We at Main Street Media 360  are professional when it comes to text marketing and know fully well how hard it can be when you have to deal with delivering immense numbers of messages while making sure each one is exactly right and fits the targeted audience. You always have to make sure your SMS handler is always on hand along with the management of opt-ins and opt-outs and the constant worry of something going wrong. We at Main Street Media 360 handle your SMS campaigns while seamlessly making sure you get the biggest return on investment. When we handle your text marketing campaign, you can rest assured that we have your best interest at heart! Contact us for a free evaluation!



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