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Reputation Management - Protecting your reputationNow look at the “glass is half empty” perspective: Your online review scores are 3 out of 5, 6 out of 10, etc., and you’re losing that 5 – 9% for each percentage point. Where are we getting these numbers from you ask? I think Harvard Business School is a credible source. Unfortunately, their research showed that the only businesses not affected were large chains. Here is the link for the actual report: CLICK HERE.

Main Street Media 360 will monitor your online reputation and alert you each time your business receives reviews. We’ll also help you generate more positive customer reviews, which will get those visible review ratings and your overall rankings up.

Reputation Management Online

How important is reputation management when conducting business online or for anything to do with the internet? Well, before the internet the only way to get bad or good publicity was the newspaper. But with the advent of the internet even a single bad article, video or review can very well be the downfall of your organization. Today a single bad review can cripple an up and coming business beyond the point of recovery, making Reputation Management services of the highest caliber crucial. People today by simply spending a couple of minutes on a search engine can easily find the negatives and the positives of your business or any person but the negative aspects always leave a much deeper impact. So when you wonder why reputation is important remember it does reflect poorly or immensely depending on what is said or written about you online.

Today without a good Reputation Management service you are likely to face some rather hard times. What if someone publishes an article online that made you or your company look bad? Keep in mind this will be available for the whole world to read including colleagues, friends and other in or out of your network. Not often but your competition might even try to hinder you by hiring people to write biased and groundless reviews. But the sad part is people will believe them unless you have competent Reputation Management to handle the situation online for you. Similarly even a 3rd party website could host harmful information related to your business. So having a professional Reputation Management service like Main Street Media 360 will not just save you from top rankings of bad press but will also make sure that your image is protected on search engines.

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