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Plans that Make Sense for Your Business

We offer plans designed to meet your needs today, while giving you the ability to scale up quickly as your business grows. We would be happy to have the opportunity to discuss what plan best suits your needs and give you a better understanding of how we can help your business.


Choose from our range of simple, affordable, flexible plans that grow with your business.

Manage all your cloud resources easily from your Control Panel or via robust APIs. When you need more resources, you’re in control, and in a matter of minutes, you can increase your computing power, add more space, or deploy new tools for your business.

Connect to your dedicated hardware and create a hybrid cloud solution that fits your business needs exactly.


Choose Your Plan

  • Flexible, Affordable Scalable solutions.
  • Simple, straightforward plans that grow with your needs.
  • The highest-level security.
  • 24/7 technical expertise and support.

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The following web server machines are brand new with the most current Linux OS of your choice pre-installed.

1GB Power Plan


Perfect for a small CMS based site.

1 vCPU
20GB SSD System Drive
200Mb/s Bandwidth

2GB Power Plan


Ideal for database driven solutions.

2 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
20GB SSD Data Drive
400Mb/s Bandwidth

4GB Power Plan


Ideal for processor intensive applications

4 vCPU
80GB SSD System Drive
80GB SSD Data Drive
800Mb/s Bandwidth

8GB Power Plus Plan


High performance and super responsive.

8 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
80GB SSD Data Drive
1,600 Mb/s Bandwidth

15GB Power Plus Plan


Enterprise level performance.

4 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
150GB SSD Data Drive
1,250 Mb/s Bandwidth

30GB Power Plus Plan


Serious Data Cruncher.

8 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
300GB SSD Data Drive
2,500 Mb/s Bandwidth

60GB Advanced Business Plan


Lightning fast with serious bandwidth.

16 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
600GB SSD Data Drive
5,000 Mb/s Bandwidth

90GB Advanced Business Plan


Worry free machine.

24 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
900GB SSD Data Drive
7,500 Mb/s Bandwidth

120GB Advanced Business Plan


Second to none!

32 vCPU
40GB SSD System Drive
1,200GB SSD Data Drive
10,000 Mb/s Bandwidth

SSL Digital Certificate Integration

A SSL Digital Certificate provides a few very important functions for your website. First it authenticates and validates the authenticity of the owner of your website, then it binds a cryptographic (Encryption) key to server with your organization’s details. The information is then validated by a SSL Certificate Authority which in tern will issue you a public digital certificate that needs to be installed on your computer as a compliment of your private key.

Finally, once your SSL Certificate is fully installed on your server and validated by an independent authority your web server will then allow secure connections from a web server to your browser using the https protocol (port 443). In laments terms this means you will now have the ability to have the padlock on the upper left of your website address and pass information securely and encrypted.

This is very important if you are going to be selling products, accepting credit cards and acquiring personal data using online forms. Many customers (with good reason) simply will not purchase anything without it. Most payment processors will not allow you to accept online payments without it because it will not be “PCI compliant”.

Interesting enough Google recently announced that they will rank you higher in the search engines if you have a SSL Digital Certificate as well as a fast server based on secure pages with millisecond page response. That is, even on pages that you would not normally associate with needing to be secure like a simple blog or about us page.

Our engineers have many years experience installing SSL Digital Certificates with your server. If you need assistance we will be happy to help.


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