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Back then, you’d just place a print ad in the newspaper and you’d have instant traffic. This approach no longer works. Main Street Media 360 was founded with the idea of providing the best results to customers by using proven, data-driven digital marketing techniques.

We’ll help you create a custom designed plan for your business. We’ll analyze your current marketing campaign and show you how your efforts stack up against services that we provide and, most importantly, your competition.

Customer Retention Solutions

Getting consumers to make an initial purchase of your product or service is only half the battle. Consistently communicating with these customers and influencing their future purchases is a separate art form. Main Street Media 360's is in the business of communication, and we understand the importance of after-sale interaction.

Customer retention is about delivering a uniquely tailored message that tugs at the subconscious mind, so that when it is time to make a second, third and fourth purchase, they think of your business. Of course, using the proper communication mediums and capturing precious customer information is also vital. Main Street Media 360 has developed efficient methods to fill all of these criteria.

  • We develop strategized drip campaigns that deliver results.
  • We reach out to your clients with special offers, at the right times, and with meticulously planned campaigns designed with your business in mind – campaigns that drive traffic to your website and physical location.
  • We design custom email marketing and social media plans that work, regardless of your type of business, and we ensure that you are more than satisfied with the results.

With plans that include loyalty rewards, intensive but strategic email marketing, and targeted drip campaigns designed to engage or re-engage your key audiences, Main Street Media 360's number one goal is to be great communicators for your business.

Marketing Effectiveness & Usage Plans

    Identified as most important in Marketing Campaigns

  • Website66%
  • Email / Text Marketing66%
  • Search Marketing63%
  • Social Media40%
  • Direct Mail18%
  • Television14%
  • Print Advertising12%
  • Radio5%

Main Street Media 360 Kiosk

If you haven't heard, Email Marketing yields quite possibly the highest ROI available for small and medium sized businesses. The Kiosk will enable you to capture the information of the customers that come into your establishment, so that you can market directly to them and get them back in the door. So we'll take your Email Marketing even further! CLICK HERE for more info

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Would you like to know how your business listing is represented throughout the internet? Click the link and we'll give you a report that shows you exactly what your listings across the web look like.

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